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Introduction: Lucet Cord on a Spool Knitter - Bracelet Tutorial to Teach Method

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I love the look of lucet cord, but after buying a lucet I discovered I am terrible at using one. :(

After some playing with a tool I AM good with(a spool knitter, corker, French knitter, choose your name) I discovered I can make the same cord on one, and I think it's much simpler.

This cord, made from cotton is very useful for ren-faire use, as it's very authentic. I know this because my ren-faire loving sister stole a 2 yard piece for one of her corsets. ^^

Step 1: Materials:

To do this you will need a spool knitter, a lifting tool, and string. I'm using acrylic yarn in this tutorial.

Make sure you already know the basics of using a knitter before you start. It's super easy but I'm a bad teacher and you may need all the help you can get.

Step 2: Getting Started.

Now that you have what you need, we can start. Drop the end of your yarn through your knitter and tug about three inches out to hold onto. I took a pic of this, as you can see, I've come up with uses for my cord. ;)

Now, with the yarn coming off your ball, wrap a figure eight around two pegs that are diagonal from one another. I took a pic of this. Then wrap another figure eight so both pegs have two loops. A picture above show this from the side.

Step 3: Weaving

Lift the bottom loop off your first peg(carefully! Your bottom yarn may come out of the hole of you pull too hard) and drop it off the hook. (Bad pic illustrating this. Hard to take pics alone.)

Do the same to the next peg. Now you have one loop on each peg again. Tug your bottom yarn end gently to tighten these stitches.

Wrap another figure eight and repeat the lifting and dropping loops. Tug end to tighten.

You will keep doing this until the cord is your desire length. It will feel a bit loosey goosesy for the first few rounds but soon you will feel it offering just a gentle resistance.

Soon it will be emerging from the bottom of your knitter and you can admire your work.

Step 4: Ending the Cord

When you have a length you are happy with (I ended mine at a good length to make the bangle bracelet. To get the right length for your bracelet, measure your wrist snugly and use this length. The bracelet stretches a bit so it'll stretch over your hand to slip on, but not fall off trough your day.) you will need to end your cord. This is super easy.

Just lift the last loop made (i you tug your working yarn it'll be the loop that jerks a bit) and put it on the other peg. Tug the working yarn a little so it stays in place, then lift the bottom loop over and drop it. Cut the yarn about six inches clear of knitter. Using your lifter(mine has a little crochet hook on one end, but it's easy to do with a needle point or even your fingers if you're gentle) tug the end of the yarn through the last loop and give it a tug to secure it.

You can weave your ends into the cord with an appropriate needle, or make a bangle like mine by securely tying the ends together with a strong square knot. A touch of glue will keep the knot closed. Then just trim the ends and show off your new skill! If you don't want a knot to show, string a bead on one end, pushing it up onto the lucet cord a bit, tie the knot as tightly as you can, then slip the bead back over the knot. Very cute. (Not pictured, couldn't did my beads. I use a wooden bead though.)

If you want, vote for me in the bracelet contest!

Other uses for lucet cord:

• Shoelaces.
• Necklace
• Bulky 'yarn' for knitting or crocheting.

NOTE: if you want to add a new length of yarn or change colors, tie a square knot, pull it very right and trim the ends, then just keep working it in. The knot may or may not be visible, but when tied tightly is very subtle.

BRACELET NOTE: want lots of coordinating bracelets/necklaces but don't want to buy a lot of different yarns? Buy a skien of self-striping yarn and cut off lengths of the different colors/patterns. Cute matchy jewelry!

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    4 years ago

    lucetting is actually quite easy! If you can manage French knitting to produce a round cord, you can manage lucetting to provide a square cord! Both methods are really the same!! loop over stitch on prong, (whether its a wooden lucet or a nail for French knitting)_ - turn repeat - turn - repeat etc!! Starting is a bit of a fiddle but not difficult....take wool round lucet prongs in a figure of eight TWICE...loop lower thread over upper thread, holding onto bottom of what will become your cord (you only need to keep tension for a couple of turns and then it will hold itself) turn and again look lower over upper, then keeping your thread slightly taut just keep thread above look of stitch and keep looping and turning.....Try it again - you'll soon become easier with doing it - honest!!