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My first Steampunk light build :)

The light took about two months thinking about the design and two days to build.
First I needed a brass base for a light, after lots of searching through brass plumbing fittings I decided there was nothing that really captured my imagination, so , I went looking on ebay for other brass items i could possibly use. After lots of searching I came across and won the base at a cost of £38. The base's original use was for testing the steam pressure produced by a traction engine, perfect for a steam punk lamp :) 

Next I had to design a way for adding electrics without damaging the base. I couldn't bring my self to drill holes in it, dismantle it  or destroy it's use in any way. Hence the cowl on top. The cowl is part of an old ceiling fan i rescued from a skip some months ago. this I drilled either side to take 10mm copper tubing which I then soldered into place. Then added the compression bends, straight tube and compression fittings at the bottom. These tubes carry the wiring from the brass Edison screw lamp fitting at the top of the lamp into the base/box. The box came with the brass steam engine pressure tester :)

Then I added a dimmer. The dimmer itself is a £4 dimmer switch from Wilkinsons stripped down then epoxy glued inside the box, then the large nut, again part of the original traction engine pressure gauge was placed over the dimmer, lastly an amber door knob from Homebase was attached to the dimmer switch using the dimmer button the screw from the door knob and epoxy resin. the door knob cost just under £5  :)

PS...The light bulb used in the main picture came from here



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    Thank you Winged Fist :)
    To step by step this light I would have to dismantle and I'm still admiring it to much to take it to pieces. Being my first build it went:- Think..Build..Admire. Next time i will plan to do a step-by-step as I go along :)


    4 years ago

    hey, nice 'ible!
    judging by your use of the names Wilkinson and Homebase, I assumed that you live in the "not so united but still kinda united" kingdom. at least I know that those materials are readily available. I swear the UK was hot enough to actually need ceiling fans though :)

    2 replies

    Indeed the Kingdom has been shattered, but as luck has it Great Britain held all the pieces in one place and is still as we speak trying to stick them back together. I do believe they are using large amounts of araldite and lots of duck tape.

    As for the heat, this year saw many people stripped to their undergarments, laying sweating under ceiling fans hoping to stay cool.