Lucky Bamboo: Let's Grow It Indoor!

Introduction: Lucky Bamboo: Let's Grow It Indoor!

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Hello, Hola, Hai, Hey, apa kabar?
I hope you in the good condition.

Now, I'll tell you my experience of growing Lucky Bamboo indoor.

I love growing Lucky Bamboo indoor. It makes my house fresh. Lucky Bamboo is an easy-to-care plants. You leave it in the water, it will rooting and grow.

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Step 1: You Need

Lucky Bamboo (You'll see my Lucky Bamboo is rooting. Before I made this project, I've grow it in the bottle of water)


Colored stones (Purple & green combination is amazing)


Step 2: Wash Your Stones

If your stones is new, like mine. You have to wash it many times until you don't smell the paint-smell.

Step 3: Put the Stones

After the stone is well, put the stones into the bottle.
Make sure your bottle is clean.

Step 4: The Lucky Bamboo

Put your Lucky Bamboo into the bottle. Add some stone (in this case: until the roots is hiding)

Step 5: Fill the Bottle

Add some water into the bottle

Step 6: DONE!

Voila! Now, look at your good.

If you want more beautiness, you can add one/two tiny fishes into the bottle. But, be careful. Make sure your stones is neutral, make sure you don't smell the paint. Or, you can add the fish weeks after you make it, make sure your Lucky Bamboo is growing.

Step 7: FINISH

I wish you will make it better than me.
Thanks for look my works.

Sorry for my bad English.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thank you for this project. A neighbor gave me one and right now it is growing in a McDonald's cup. LOL. I need to find a new home for it. I am trying to get back into crafting more. It helps me relax.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Lucky Bamboo with Cheesse Burger flavor haha.
    Thank you too.