Lucky Charms Pie

Introduction: Lucky Charms Pie

Every St. Patricks Day my town has a parade that starts by my house. I thought this would be a good seasonal dish for the contest, vote for me.

This is a traditional one pot meal in a pie.

This can also be made with leftovers from a boiled dinner.

Step 1:


Beef brisket
Carrots (different color ones are best)
Potatoes (different color ones are best)
Honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces
Swiss cheese

Whole wheat flour

Step 2: Cook the Brisket

First start the cooking the meat I choose to braise it but there are several good ibbles on cooking brisket.

Lay out a large piece of foil. 

Cut onions in rings an trim fat off the meat. 
I poured some molasses over the top for sweetness
Rap up in foil 

Poor one cup of your favorite beer and cook in oven for at 250 for three hours (go watch parade after making dough)

Drink rest of beer

Step 3: Make the Dough

The dough I used is simply a pizza dough recipe.

1c Whole wheat flour
2c White flour
1c warm water or warm beer
2tsp yeast
1tsp salt

Mix yeast, water or beer and salt  (careful adding salt to beer) wait five minutes to proof the yeast
Add to flour and mix
Place covered in a warm spot while meat is cooking

Time is not exact for the meat or dough if the parade is good stay late no harm. 

Step 4: Cut and Cook the Veggies

This is how the pie got its name Lucky Charms I used a mix of yellow, red and purple potatoes and orange carrots, like the colors in the cereal.  Would have been cool to get different color carrots also but they were not to be found.

Cut the potatoes and carrots

I used precut cabbage mix (its cheep) but you could cut a fresh one

This is one thing i would change I would sweat the veggies at this point, the oven is to dry to cook them completely. So steam or sweat the veggies till about half cooked (microwave in covered dish for five minutes would also work) you're looking for tender crisp.

Step 5: Cut Up the Meat

Cut up the meat or brake apart with two forks (i cooked the meat the night before thats why it looks cold it was in the fridge) small bite size peices.

Add about a cup of the pretzel peices for mustard flavor and texture

Save the onions

Step 6: Asemble

Roll out the dough and place in a large oven safe dish (covered cassaeol would work best) I used two pie plates, its a pie contest any way.

Add the cooked onions from meat
Add the meat on top
Add as much of the swiss cheese for that cheesey goodness as you want (other cheeses can be added)
Add a layer of cabbage mix
Top with root vegatables and more cheese and or pats of butter
Add top pie crust and add vent holes (A black bird would work well in this pie if you have one) (A diy black bird ibble would be good)

Cook at 350o for about an hour. 

** a black bird is a ceramic vent that lets steem out of the pie shaped like a black bird Giant pies at castle parties had them as the poem goes 
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?"

Step 7: Try to Win the Contest

Vote for me (please)

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