Lucky Early Necklace



Introduction: Lucky Early Necklace

Step 1: Cut Stringing Materials

Using your wire cutters cut four 20” strands of Soft Flex from your Trio. Cut two strands of your favorite color from the assortment.

Step 2: Crimp the Strands Around the Glass Bottle's Neck

Thread all four strands through two size 4 crimp beads. Separate the four strands and wrap them around the neck of the glass bottle as shown. Tighten the crimp beads along the wire until the bottle is secure. Using your chain nose pliers flatten each crimp bead carefully. 

Step 3: Crimp the Strands Around the Key

Thread a size 4 crimp onto the wires and separate the four wires to fit the vintage repro key between the wires. Tighten wires and flatten crimp. Thread a size 4 crimp bead on the wires on the right side of the key. Flatten crimp ¼ inch from previous flattened crimp.

Step 4: Crimp on a Bead and Crimp Strands

Thread two of the wires through the center of the 12mm bead. Separate the two wires and pair them up with the wires on the outside of the bead. Thread each wire pair through a size 2 crimp. Flatten each size 2 crimp.

Step 5: Thread and Crimp Lentil Beads Onto the Strands

Select one pair of wires and thread one of these wires through a single lentil bead. Thread both wires through a size 2 crimp and position crimp ½ inch from previous flattened crimp.  Use your chain nose pliers to flatten size 2 crimp. Repeat this, alternating lentils and triangle beads separated by size 2 crimps until you have added 8 beads to this side of the necklace.

Step 6: Thread and Crimp on More Beads to Strands

Select the second set of wires emerging from the 12 mm Elaine Ray bead and repeat step 5, beginning first with a triangle bead and continuing until you have added 8 beads to the strand.

Step 7: Attach to the Extender Chain and Crimp

Thread all four strands through a size 4 crimp bead and then through your extender chain. Thread the strands back through the crimp bead and position smoothly before flattening. Trim excess.

Step 8: Complete Other Side of Necklace

Repeat from step four to finish the other side of the necklace.

If you wish to keep your bottle closed for eternity put a small amount of Diamond Glaze around the rim of the cork and press into place.

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