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Introduction: Lucy Bag

The Lucy Bag is a hand-knitted and felted bag. The pattern and materials are sold by Lion Brand. The really great thing about this bag is that there are no zippers or special hardware that can get stuck or broken during use. The long shoulder strap on the bag threads through the shorter strap for a quick, handy, and tight closure. I cannot make the bags fast enough to keep up with family's demands. In my family, they are being used as purses, diaper/bottle bags, knitting project bags, and general carry-alls! Because of the bags uniques apperarance and design, I have continually been stopped by strangers wanting to know where they can get a Lucy Bag. While I am not sure who the original Lucy was, her bag is definately a hit!



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    Does anyone know where I can get this pattern now? or have it to share? Lion Brand no longer offers it.

    Any advice on starting the bottom of the bag? I am having a terrible time with the DPNs............ It throws off the stitch count if not done the right way. Thanks!

    well blow me down. I wonder if Lion Brand acquired Two Old Bag's pattern fairly recently or if I'm totally losing it.

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    I purchased the Two Old Bag's Lucy Bag pattern as part of a kit featured in the Lion Brand Catalog at least two years ago--do not know if they are selling the same pattern now.

    I have found that there are two Lucy Bag patterns "out there." One can be obtained through Lion Brand, and the other one (shown here) is from Two Old Bags which can be obtained for $6.

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    The one sold by Lion Brand is the one from Two Old Bags--it was featured in the Lion Catalog as a kit purchase with an off white fisherman's yarn. That is where I got the pattern which says clearly on the booklet that it was developed by two old bags.

    Sorry, I forgot to add that they are two different patterns altogether.

    You can order the pattern or get it in kit form from Lion Brand at

    You can order the pattern or get it in kit form from Lion Brand Yarn Company at

    Thanks for the complement--I am flattered! It is, without a doubt,the most useful, functional, and well-received knitting project I have ever completed. I have a friend who is learning to knit for the sole purpose of making a Lucy Bag!

    She made two for me. One in cream and another blue one. I love them both:) THe blue one is bigger and makes a good small baby stuff tote. Very handy.

    The big one is prior to felting. The felting process shrinks it and makes the material very thick.