"Lucy" My 2 Piece Hand Forged Knife

Introduction: "Lucy" My 2 Piece Hand Forged Knife

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Bear with me. This is my first project published via mobile device:D Anyways yes this basically serves as a test project.

Ok, on with my creation. I for once wanted to make a knife that was just forged. Minimal finishing work. Mostly Looking for the tough and rough look.

The steel was an already textured piece used for making flower stems or similar constructions with about two feet of length. I simply wanted to make a quick fun piece, and I really liked the outcome.

I started off by just folding it half back over on itself, approximately. My plan was to use the doubled back section as the handle.

Then, I made one side into the front guard that wrapped around on itself. I placed welds to increase strength of the total piece. I welded a quarter inch rod along the guard and then proceeded to spiral it around the central handle rod for better grip. I placed welds to properly secure it together to make it a more unified piece.

The other leg of the piece was for the blade. Since it was to thin, I also folded that back on itself. I ran welds down the center gap of the blade to give it strength.

With the welds in place, I finished the blade shape. I then on hammering the bevel.

With the bevel and tip done, I went to the grinder to clean up the blade and shape it nicely.

I moved to the wire wheel mounted on a bench grinder to finish the piece. Since was mild steel I didn't care to harden it since minimal results would occur. After that, I colored the steel with an oxy-acetylene torch.

My dad seems to consider any curved blade as being devilish and evil. I quickly dubbed this knife as being Lucy.
Short for Lucifer, naturally**.

**This is not intended to be offensive, strictly of comical nature. **

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    6 years ago

    very cool & your Dad was right.