Ludo Necklace

Introduction: Ludo Necklace

This is a short and effective instructable for how to make a Ludo necklace. I came up with the idea since the Swedish word for Ludo is Fia, which in it's turn is a short form of her name. It turned out to be a colorful yet kinda neutral piece of jewelry that works for both a casual event and a party. As an added bonus the kids at the preschool where she works thinks it's really cool. I do too.

This is what you'll need:
- A foot and a half of leather string
- Five small black beads
- Four Ludo pieces that you are free to mutilate slightly

Estimated cost:
Under five bucks, depending on if you have to buy the leather, beads and extra Ludo pieces.

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Step 1: Mutilation

Ok. The truth is that you'll need to mutilate the Ludo pieces slightly. I used the business end of a sharp knife to gently carve holes in their necks. One on each side so that it would be possible to thread them on the leather string. Having a thin file might make the work easier and ensure that you don't get too sharp edges. Make sure to watch out for joints in the plastic of the Ludo piece, trying to carve/drill a hole in the joint might make the entire piece split sooner or later.

Step 2: Threading

Once this is done it's time to thread beads and Ludo pieces onto the leather string. Start by folding the string in half so that you get the middle. Tie a knot about an inch or so to the side of the fold in the middle. Thread the beads from the other side, so that they get placed over the fold and thus in the middle of the string. Simple as that. Tie a knot on the other side of the beads in order to ensure that they don't move along the string.

I preferred to make the necklace with black beads in between the Ludo pieces but I suppose you could do without them if you really wanted to.

Step 3: Finishing the Necklace

For this necklace I didn't want to use a lock mechanism, I ended up doing a more organic and dynamic thing by using two simple knots instead. The knot is called "Double Fisherman's Knot". I used a simpler take on it that only circles the thread you're tying around once.

Here's a short instructional for a double fisherman's knot , courtesy of

Enjoy! :)

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