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Do you have a beautiful luggage with a just expired warranty, and of course the handle just stopped coming out, no matter how hard you push the button? Are you already thinking about buying a new one, but that's expensive!

Don't worry, here a quick fix for you!

Step 1: Material

This instructable requires just some tape to be done. It does not really matter which tape you use, but if you want a durable solution, it is better to use a thick transparent tape, or one of those used to insulate electrical wires.

Step 2: Debug Your Luggage

The first step is to understand what is wrong with the telescopic handle of your luggage. In other words, we are going to investigate the reason why, when we press the button to release the handle, we are not able to reach its full extension.

So let's try to find out what's going wrong:

1) Open your luggage

2) on the side where the luggage has its telescopic handle, you should see a zip. We need to pull it down, in order to open the fabric separating our clothes from the shell of the luggage...and the telescopic system we need to investigate.

3) make sure you can see the guides of the telescopic handle

4) identify the pins preventing the handle to come out.

5) press the button of the handle and spot out which one of the pins is stuck. That is the side we need to recover with our quick fix!

Step 3: Fix the Faulty Side

Once we have identified the faulty side of the telescopic handle we need to figure out a strategy to prevent the pin from getting stuck. One quick check can be done by pushing the pin, manually, inside the guide and pull the handle. You will see that the pin is most likely going to get stuck in the next hole on top of the guide. In order to prevent the pin to get stuck in any of the holes of the guide, we are going to follow the steps below:

1) grab a piece of tape and stick it on the guide, at the same height of one of the holes, and wrap it around the guide.

2) make sure you go around the guide 2 or 3 times with the same piece of tape. This will guarantee some durability of the fix.

3) repeat this step for all the holes present on the faulty side of the handle.

Step 4: Close the Luggage and Get Ready for Your Next Trip!

Now that your luggage is fixed, it is time to close it:

1) close the inner zip, so to restore the interior of your luggage.

2) close the luggage

3) test the handle system, to make sure the fix worked as expected

4) get ready for your next trip!

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    5 Discussions


    8 months ago on Step 4

    Thanks, given me really helpful tips on hand bag trolley stuck fixing. While Im traveling to Hong kong. My bag given me trouble in Transit in KL. Fixed the problem


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Follow instructions but still didn’t release handle. Any other suggestions.?????


    1 year ago

    Thank you , thank you , thank you! I actually DO have a very expensive peice of luggage where the handle wouldn't raise at all. I got it back from the airport in that condition. I had no warranty left on it and I just couldn't bring myself to pay someone a lot of money to fix it yet. Saw your idea and IT WORKED! So thank you again.
    However, I only had to do one thing different. Because the tape was still allowing the little ball to partially stick out, I still couldn't get it to work. So I left the tape on, cut the tie end off of a tiny tie strap, placed it where the open slot was being covered, then taped the tie end to the tape that was already there so as to keep it in place. I tried to do it without the first peice of tape being there, but the tie end would go too far in and block the handle from moving altogether. Plus, with my luck, there was no doubt the tie end would have fallen inside of the rod to REALLY screw it up, lol! Anyway, after that, it worked perfectly! But without your idea, I'd still be pondering on how to fix it.
    Thanks a bunch,