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Every year, our school has a Halloween celebration for the kids in the community. We pick a theme and decorate one of the girls' dormitory buildings accordingly. The kids get to come in with their parents and trick or treat at all of the residents' rooms (which, of course, are supplied with tons of candy!). Then, we have games and prizes set up in the lobby and basement - it's always fun!

This past year, my boyfriend and I made and hosted our own game. We built a Mario-themed beanbag toss, and dressed up like Luigi and Daisy. The costumes were far too expensive for two poor college kids to buy, so we made our own!

I know they're not the greatest - if we had had more time, money, and equipment (oh, how I missed my sewing machine), we could have done a much better job. But for about a $10 budget, two nights, and hand stitching, I thought we did pretty well.

Even though our hair and skin don't match those of the characters, and the costumes could have been better, the kids still loved it. Several mini-Luigis and mini-Marios, and even a little Princess Peach wanted their pictures taken with us - I couldn't have been happier.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You say they aren't great but i think they're amazing. I'm a stay at home mom so $70 for a cheaply made daisy costume is out of the question. i had almost given up but i think i'm going to try to make my own. My group of friends and my kids are going Mario themed to the Haunt the Zoo this year. With a little luck we'll look amazing too. Thanks for the inspiration!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    can you post instructions on how to sew the dress using the sheet and also how you did the trim?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    To be perfectly honest, it was all a lot of guesswork. I picked different components of different costume patterns and put them all together, basically making it up as we went along. We made up a pattern for the trim (which I, unfortunately, did not think to save) and other components. This wasn't well thought out in advance, so we really just ended up winging it. I'm sorry I didn't document this better - I made this before I had ever heard of instructables!