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Introduction: Luke Skywalker Lightsaber - How to DIY

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Anakin Skywalker's blue lightsaber has been handed down to 3 generations of Star Wars.

It was last in the hands of Luke Skywalker during the duel on Cloud City with Darth Vader before it was lost, then found in The Force Awakens.

With my guide through video I will show you how to make Luke's lightsaber on a budget.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Watch my video guiding you through the process to making your very own Luke Skywalker lightsaber!

It's short, easy to understand, and could help greatly!

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Step 2: What You'll Need

Getting started with Luke's lightsaber means you'll need this list of materials


1-1/4 PVC pipe

1 inch PVC pipe

Slipmat sheet

Metal sheet

Popsicle sticks

Squared wooden toothpicks


Cap from milk gallon


Duct tape

Chrome/silver spray paint

Paint pens - black, red, gold

Metal wire

Hot glue

Dremel/rotary tool

Step 3: Building It Up...

The first real step is to use reference photos to draw and cut the shape of the lightsaber using a Dremel or rotary tool.

Once that's done, using the popsicle sticks, slip matt, metal sheets, and buttons you'll build the rest of the lightsaber up. Watch the video for a more visual guide to this process. Follow with the video if need be!

Again, reference photos are important!

Step 4: The Force Is Strong...

Once all the pieces are glued to the PVC pipe, all that needs to be done is paint, paint, paint!

Step 5: Conclusion

This prop is much easier to follow with the guide through video. This is a very visual process and explanation through text will not do justice.

However it is one hell of a fun prop to make and when completed looks awesome!

If you decide to make your own Luke lightsaber and have any questions leave a comment on YouTube or on Instructables. I'll be happy to answer!

And if you decide to make your own, post some photos here or send some photos to: and I'll feature it in my next DIY video!

May The Force Be With You!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Wow that looks real minus the lack of actually laser part


    4 years ago

    Looks awesome, well done! But it will look much better, if you add a tube with lamps on it


    4 years ago

    hey, it was really good, and not to hard to make, if you want, a fun addition for kids can be to add a coloured light removable torch in the centre. It makes it useful as well as fun!