Lukenana (freakin Awesome Banana)

Introduction: Lukenana (freakin Awesome Banana)

Hello fellow time wasters, welcome to my instructable on how to prepare my patented lukenanna. Never before has such a delecious morsel been introduced to the mortal world, and now it can be yours because I, your host, Luke, will be guiding you through every step of crafting this divine snack.

Let us begin. 

Step 1: "I'm a Banana, I'm a Banana, Peel the Banana, Peel the Banana" (Family Guy)

You aint going to need much for these babies. All that's really required is sugar, butter, a topping of your choice (ie. choc. chips, almonds, cereal, blue cheese, garlic, finger nails) and of course naners. 

The first step is to peel the banana and push your topping into the meat of the fruit. And that is all. You can be however creative as the government allows you to be in this step, add stuff like sprinkles and what-not, other yummy unhealthy things that will make this treat that much more desirable.

Step 2: Make Some Paste

For this next step you can do one of two options that I can think of. One is do the step, the other is to skip it.

In this step we will be caramelizing some C6H12O6 (sugar) yum!
To do that you simply melt a block of butter in a pan and add a clump of brown sugar to the concoction and stir on med. heat. Keep stirring and dont stop stirring until it reaches the viscosity of whatever you think caramel should be, if you stop it will burn.
You may also wish to add some cream to make it less grainy.

If your to lazy to make caramel than you can substitute this ingredient for peanut butter, which is probably better anyways.

Step 3: Goo the Peel and Seal

The final step is to apply the caramel glue or peanut butter that you made to each peel and seal up the banana again. This way when an unsuspecting lucky hungry person picks up the banana they will have NO IDEA that it is really a Lukenana, genius. 

I hope you guys dont find this project too stupid, maybe they will start selling them at starbucks or something but until now just enjoy the time you waste and make a Lukenana.

I will soon be posting more instructables on cooler things (there really isnt a cooler thing) in the near future. 

Also as a close: Enjoy Chilled. 

Thank you and have a nice day.

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