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Introduction: Lumi Inkodye Printing

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Put an image on any natural fiber fabric using the power of the sun with Lumi Inkodye!

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Step 1: Pick an Image and Print a Negative

Make your image Black and White and print it as a negative. You can use Lumi InkoFilm or any other printable transparency, as long as you get a deep dark black to block the sunlight.

Step 2: Gather All of Your Supplies.

My supplies include:
  • negatives printed "actual size"
  • Natural fabric (I used 100% cotton onsies)
  • Lumi InkoDye (I used orange)
  • Application tool (roller or paint brushes, bristle or foam both work well)
  • Backing board, to pin fabric and negative to (I used foam core)
  • pins

Step 3:

Stretch your fabric on your backing board.  As you can see I simply cut the foam core to fit snugly inside the onsie.

Step 4: SHAKE IT UP!!

Shake up your InkoDye!

Step 5: Check Negative Placement.

Check where you want to apply the Inko dye. You can mark with pins or use masking tape for a clean edge.  I like a sloppy edge!

Step 6: Apply the InkoDye

I used the inko roller.  You screw it onto the bottle and slowly squeeze out the dye, but paintbrushes work nice too, and you can use bristles for a special edge effect.  Be sure to get an even coating, but don't over saturate.  

Step 7: Remove Excess

Less is more.  Use a paper towel to soak up the excess.  There shouldn't be any pooling of the liquid.

Step 8: Place and Pin Your Negatives.

Be sure to pin your negative printed side up so the ink doesn't transfer to the fabric.  Pin the negative down so you have good contact with the fabric. 

Step 9: Expose in Sunlight.

Depending on the negative density and the amount of sunlight, Inkodye may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to develop  I estimated 15 minutes based on the amount of light, so I timed it and carefully peeled up a corner to check.  When I was happy with the results I brought my project back inside.

Step 10: Wash!

  • remove your negative
  • Set the washer to HOT and use Heavy agitation. 
  • Use Inkowash or another strong detergent such as Tide
Let the wash run and then put your fabric in the dryer or air dry.

Step 11: Wear or Display Your Awesome Print!

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