Lumi Experiment Dodging

Introduction: Lumi Experiment Dodging

Lumi photoreactive ink will let you print with a negative on any absorbent, natural material. 
It's a lot of fun to create your own design and have it printed without screen printing, with really easy clean up. 

How did we get a Lumi kit at ADX?  Well, first we registered as a makerspace, and when an e-mail said "Would you like to try Lumi?" we said Yes!

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Step 1: Developing

I have done a little time in a photo darkroom, and Lumi is a really clean, easy way to do basically the same process, using the sun,  being able to clean everything up with water, and no weird fumes. 
I figured that a developing technique like dodging could be adapted to Lumi, so I tried it. 
Dodging is where you use your hands to control where and how much light gets to a print, Block an area, and it's lighter, make a cup with your hands and expose just one area, and it'll be darker. 

Step 2: Wait, What?

How do you adapt that to a print in the sun? I'll show you. 
First I printed up a test sheet, in this case 9 of the D's from the ADX logo.  I marked the size of the print on my cloth with a washable fabric pencil. 

Step 3:

I put the dye down, trying to stay within the marks I made on the material. 

Step 4:

After placing the negative back on the shirt, I walked into the sun with my secret weapon- a magnifying glass!

Step 5:

Focus the light on the areas you want darker.  I concentrated on the center row, being careful to not burn it, but focus light to make a good, bright spot. 

I covered the bottom, to have a  lighter row. 

Step 6: Wash It Out

I washed the extra dye off with a few drops of inkowash. 

The results:

The ones that were covered were lighter,
The top row was pretty dark, for being outside for 15 minutes
The magnifying glass ones were a little darker, and I'd guess it took about 5 minutes off the regular developing time.

Also you can see where I got outside the lines with dye placement.

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