Luminaire for Kids'room

Introduction: Luminaire for Kids'room

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I am going to be a dad and for the baby boy room I waanted something special !

The decoration of the room is around funny monsters so I tried to find a luminaire on the internet with funny monsters but found nothing !

During the weekend, I have done this luminaire with a monster shape.

Here are steps !

Step 1: Make It Safe : Using Metal to Dissipate Heat

I wanted to do a funny lamp but safety first !

I used an old metal plate (will disspate the heat and won't burn) and I cut it with an aviation snips (this part is quite hard and long especially if you have detailed cut).

I draw the shape of the monster, cut one and use it has a pattern to cut others.

Then I pre-pierced the metal plate to cut eyes and mouth.

it just remains to attached the 3 monsters together with screws and bolts.

Step 2: Paint and Attach to the Ceiling

I attached the 3 monsters together and create a fixation to the ceiling.

Now everything is hold together let go for the paint !

It needs 2 coats ! just let dry and this finish :)

Step 3: This Is Done

Once done it looks like this.

Not over eating the paint I am using low temperature bulb, you with baby safety fist :)

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