Luna Mod Looper


Introduction: Luna Mod Looper

About: I love building things and taking pictures. If you want me to build something...I'm open to ideas. My motto? "If you want something to be done in this world, you must do it yourself.

Here are some pics from a Luna Mod I built on some perf board. It runs on PICAXE 08m and is very cool.

The original design is from Make: Magazine and is by Brian McNamara.



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    Heyy i made one of these! pretty darn cool i wonder if instead of using the picaxe tones, it could use music from an input. like a normal looper

    I built one, but I wasn't really satisfied. So I replaced the potentiometers with LDR's. I found the noise to be annoying so now I use the completed project to experiment with different programs.

    Anyway, I used an old computer speaker as the enclosure.

    weird. i was just looking at this on make last week.

    you got any ideas for your enclosure, yet?

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    I know what you mean and am building one but I just haven't had enough time.

    Working on another one and I will document it.