Lunar Phase Clock Lite

Introduction: Lunar Phase Clock Lite

This is just a remix!

All Credit goes to G4lile0

and "unknown" for the moon cut

First: I was not able to finish the project, so I will be posting updates

Second: I wasn't able to load the full version of the code. I took out the Thermometer (DHT). Again, Thanks to G4lile0 for creating a code without it!

Third: You will need to know how to solder

For this project you will need :


*Loose wire

*Electrical Tape

*Glue Gun

*Wire Strippers


*A Soldering Iron

*Access to a 3D Printer

*A Computer with Arduino software


*Arduino Nano (ATmega328)

*0.96" OLED 128x64 with SSD1306 chip (I could only find one that was half yellow half blue)

*Tiny RTC (DS1307) / side note. I couldn't find a 3.6v LIR2032. You can use this one, but you will need to make slight improvements. The video is on G4lile0's version of the project; at the bottom.

*Dotstar or Neopixel LEDs (The only difference is the LED strip only is a 1 wire serial protocol for Neopixel, while Dotstar has 2)

*Buzzer (I used an active buzzer, that I received through a kit)

*Push buttons (I used all black, I couldn't find a red button for the up/down)

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Step 1: 3D Printing

I would like to thank G4lile0

And "Unknown" for the Moon Cut

I printed with PLA with the (Prusa i3), these are the printer settings:
Layer Height = 0.2 mm

Wall Thickness = 1 mm

Top Thickness = 1 mm (5 layers)

Bottom Thickness = 0.2 mm (1 layer)

No need for Rafts or supports.

For the Moon Infill Density = 0%

The rest of the parts, infill Density = 100% In total you will use just 79 grams of PLA.

Step 2: LEDs

Cut the LED strip into six pieces of three LEDs, of a total of 18

Solder them back together with wire

They should go in the back of the moon, like this:

|1| |6| |7| |12| |13| |18|

|2| |5| |8| |11| |14| |17|

|3| |4| |9| |10| |15| |16|

Make sure to test the lights before fixing them with Hot glue.

Have the wires run through the back of the moon support board to connect through to the Arduino.

Step 3: The Circuit

One Circuit board is from G4lile0 and the other is from "Unknown"

So, thank you again, both!

1. Unscrew the buttons, than add back, after putting them in the base

2. Strip Four wires, on both sides. Then solder the tips. Run the wires through, the buttons, by unscrewing one of the screws on the bottom, on all of them.

3. Solder, a wire to GND, 5v, A0, A1, A2. On the Arduino

4. Add the wire, that will connect to the led of the moon. D5 (D6, if you're using a 2 serial protocol LED)

5. For the buzzer, solder the GND to GND, and the signal to D10

6.Add the Tiny RTC and wire according to the circuit

Step 4: The Code

1. Install Arduino IDE software

2. Get the Libraries

3. Go through the code to double check everything

This link will lead to the code and the libraries you will need.

*Original instructable

I would like to thank G4lile0 and "Unknown" for all of their help. And hopefully, I will finish soon!

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    1 year ago

    These clocks are really cool, thank you for sharing your version!