Lunch Maker

Introduction: Lunch Maker

This is a handy device that can make your lunches! Well not sandwiches but this device uses a vending machine like idea in which it'll vend your stuff into your lunch box!

You will need;
Terminal block
One piece of plywood 24 inches tall and 13 inches width
And 2 pieces 24 inches tall and 6.5 inches width.
Speaker wire
Wire strippers
4 hinges
Strong wire ( fence wire)
4 motors ( depending on what you choose)
Board 3.5-5 inches width and 13 inches tall
Board 24 inches tall and 3.5-5 inches width
Plexie glass 24 inches tall and 3.5-5 inches width

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Step 1: 1st Step

First you need to make springs. Wrap either copper wire, fence wire, or any wire that is strong, around something the width of a water bottle ( I used a shaving cream can). Make sure there are five spaces in each one( make sure by putting five food items in each rung) this is for 5 days of food. Repeat step one 4 times and get 4 springs. Then on one end of each bend the end back and flatten it so that its not pointy as in the picture.

Step 2: Step 2

The next thing to do is to attach these to motors. The motor you choose will Depend on the stuff you want each one to vend and how heavy the spring is. Test each one by putting them between two objects like in the picture then put the appropriate food item in the spring and turn it on. If the machine turns it the opposite way simply reverse the negative and positive wires on the motor. Do step 2 with all the springs.

Step 3: Hooking It Up

Now we will hook up the motors to a switch and to a power source. Wire all your motors up to the terminal bar ( 4 motors 4 places) and hook a switch to the motors, then the switch to the appropriate power ( depending on the motor used). The picture just shows where the wires would be and don't forget to connect the power to the other terminals with wire.

Step 4: Body

Next we will build the body, this will enclose everything. Get the two pieces of plywood and put the hinges on them and hinge them together like in the picture.

Next, mount the other piece of plywood on a board about 3.5-5 inches width and 13 inches tall on the side of it. Like in the picture

Then , get the board 24 inches tall and 3.5-5 inches width and mount it on the side next to the other.

Attach the left Side of the hinged board the plexie glass and mount the plexie on the front ( I didn't have to cut plexi so I substituted). Use the picture for a guide.

Step 5: Inside

The next thing to do is to add the shelfs, springs and motors, and ramp.

To open the box unclip the hinges( clips)

Next tap in a little ramp and support it to hold the falling objects.

Next nail/tap your shelfs in depending on what you will put in them.

Add your motors and springs to the shelfs attach the switch to the front and full it with food plug it to the power source and done!

I sadly never got to fully finish mine, but I hope these instructions inspired you to think outside the lunch box!

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    6 years ago

    Ok I'll try to use cad tomorrow to draw a final image.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ok I am so sorry to do this to you, but. This is an incomplete instructable and it seems like a good idea but that is all it is. You need to give more info, even if it is not complete. You can draw your ideas out. As it stands all his is, is an idea. Please submit more or people and this includes me will flag you as incomplete.