LunchTop: a Raspberry Pi Lunch Box Laptop





Introduction: LunchTop: a Raspberry Pi Lunch Box Laptop

This is a fun and fairly easy project to build a portable Raspberry Pi computer that fits right into a standard lunch box. This is a good project to start with since it doesn't require much technical knowledge. All you have to do is purchase the parts necessary to build the LunchTop, plug everything in and secure it to the inside of the lunch box.

I have listed all the parts used in this project with cost and links to purchase the items, but you can feel free to look around for alternative parts.

Step 1: Parts List

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Basic Starter Kit $49.99

32GB SD Card $10.59

HDMI 7" Touch Screen LCD $72.00

Touch Screen LCD Case $12.07

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse $15.07

ROMOSS 10,000 mAh USB Battery $12.99

1 foot Micro USB Cable $3.99

3 foot Micro USB Cable $6.84

Custom Lunchbox $14.96

Velcro Squares $2.93

Total cost $201.43

Step 2: Modify the LCD Case

I needed to modify the Touchscreen LCD case because the one micro USB cable that attaches to the monitor board needs to come out of the side of the enclosure so that it can plug into the Raspberry Pi. To do this you will need a drill and drill bits. Start with the smallest drill bit and work your way up to 3/8" bit. This will be big enough so the micro USB cable can be feed through the enclosure.

Step 3: Assembly of the LunchTop

The first step to assembling the LunchTop is to completely assemble the Raspberry Pi, then attach it to the LCD screen and finally secure it with the LCD cover.

Once that is complete your next step is to attach all the parts to the lunchbox and hook up all the cables. I used Velcro strips to secure the battery, Raspberry Pi, game controller and keyboard. This allows me to easily disconnect everything so I can use the Raspberry Pi on other projects (e.g. breadboard and sensor kits).

Step 4: My Raspberry Pi LunchTop

Here is what the completed project looks like. Now go and start building your LunchTop computer and share your results in the comments section.



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    4 months ago

    would it be possible to use this instead of what you had in your project?

    Yes this is a touch screen, that is why it is a little more expensive. You can build the same LunchTop using a regular display.

    Csn this be made touch screen?


    10 months ago

    great job. I would like to see more details on the build though. How long does the battery last?

    1 reply

    Depends on how much you use it daily but I usually get 2-3 days out of it between charges.

    What additional details are you inquiring about?

    Depends on how much you use it daily but I usually get 2-3 days out of it between charges.


    10 months ago

    nice job and very good instructable

    Great job man!! looks really cool!

    Cool project! Kudos to your helper, start 'em young.

    Awesome! My son would love to have something like this to carry around.