Luxe Miniature Hotel Room

Introduction: Luxe Miniature Hotel Room

Some swanky dollhouse furniture that looks super luxe, but costs next to nothing! (Depending on how much crafting material you have lying around...)

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Step 1: The Bed

To make the bed I used:
  1. A cardboard jewelry box: the bottom of the box is the base of the bed, the top is the canopy.
  2. Faux leather adhesive shelf-liner: covers the cardboard box.
  3. Velvet: to cover the base I used tacky glue to attach scrap velvet. I used a black pom-pom trim to create the illusion of bedding.
  4. White wooden posts: these used to be part of a dollhouse guard rail. (instead, you can easily use toothpicks, or sticks trimmed to equal length.) To attach, I recommend tacky glue or wood glue, attaching the posts to the canopy first, then when fully, dry, glue directly onto base.
  5. Ribbon: I used a thick ribbon to create the fabric of the canopy that decorates the top and drapes down the backside of the bed. Thin ribbon, doubled over, secured with tacky glue creates the pillow. Another thin ribbon trims the bottom of the bed.

Step 2: The Couch

To make the couch I used:
  1. A small wooden block: the base.
  2. Faux leather shelf liner: to cover the base. I created the arms by rolling up scrap ribbon and covering it in the faux leather.
  3. Cardboard: the frame for the back
  4. Ribbon: I used black pom-pom trimmed ribbon to around the edge of the cardboard, then the large embroidered ribbon to fill in the center.
You make the base, you make the back, you glue together. Badabing, Badaboom.

Step 3: The Chairs

For both chairs I used scraps of leather to create that expensive leather chair feel, in miniature.

For the Square Chair (left):
  1. I created the seat and arms by covering cardboard with scrap leather.
  2. I created the base using balsa wood and wood glue.
For the Hammock Hair (right):
  1. I created the back and arms using small wooden blocks (ex-Jenga pieces?) glued together with wood glue.
  2. I created the seat by gluing a small piece of leather in-between the wooden arms. The hammock look is created by pushing down on the center of the leather before the glue sets.
  3. I used crafting faux brown pearl stickers to give the look of nails.

Step 4: The Tables and Trimmings

  1. The red and black tables both use scrap wood, painted with nail polish, trimmed with rhinestones.
  2. The center flower pot is a little ball of sculpy with a rose-shaped earring stuck in it.
  3. The small wood table has a button top.
  4. The lamp is made of a bead + wire+ rolled up paper.

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