Luxurious Gift Bags




Introduction: Luxurious Gift Bags

Luxurious gift bags
Whether I am shopping for special holiday gifts or just buying a gift for someone special I always want to wrap it with special attention but never seem to be able to find the "perfect bag". Whatever I choose I always have to find a way to attach the card. Here I created the perfect gift bag that is luxurious and functional. Depending on the gift, you can create the bag relaxed or with firmness. It's not only a nice presentation but it allows the receiver of the gift to use the bag again and again. It can be used to "re-gift" or for everyday purposes. It's like getting two gifts in one!

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Step 1: Materials Used

½ yard red sateen material
Paper bag 14" W X 10" L
Sewing machine, thread, scissors, red wired ribbon (2 yards), iron, safety pin, elastic (one-half yard).

Step 2: Making of the Bag

First cut the material into pieces. This bag is a 5 pieces pattern;
Cut two pieces 14"W X by 10"L; two pieces for the sides 5"W X10"L and one piece for the bottom.
Cut a piece for the pocket 7-1/2"L X 6"W leaving �½" reserve for hem. Hem the top edge of the pocket and iron it; place the pocket in the center of the piece you already cut (14"W X 10"L) and sew it.
Take a 14" piece of wired red ribbon and sew it across the top level of the pocket; another for the bottom level of the pocket. Do a decorative stitch on the width from both sides of the pocket. Now you have the front side ready with the pocket and ribbon attached.
Next, take the bottom piece and sew it from the front panel and from the back panel; then sew each of the side pieces, one from the left and one from the right.
Finishing the top part of the bag:
First make two small button holes on the back piece of the gift bag from where you will thread the ribbon through; make �½" hem and sew all around the top part of the bag. Take the piece of elastic and ���½ yard of the ribbon and stitch it together; take a safety pin and pin it to the end of the elastic. Use the button hole and pull through all around the hem till it comes through the other end. Then take another piece of ribbon and sew it to the end of the elastic; pull back the elastic so it has a lightly gathered effect. Now you have two ends of red ribbon showing from the small holes. Tie a nice bow on the back.
For this bag I used a paper bag inside to make the bag firm; the luxurious cover makes it a very unique presentation.

Step 3: Velvet Bag

½ yard dark green velvet; 1/2 yard red ribbon; paper bag 8½"L X 6½"W.
Cut two pieces 10-1/2"W X 9"L. Choose one of those pieces and sew a pocket (any size you like, the size in this bag (6"L X 3"W) .When you have the one piece with the pocket attached, sew both pieces together. For the top finishing just fold it and hem. Pull the ribbon through the top side of the bag. You can adjust the top width or just close and tie the ribbon on the side.

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