Luxury Poncho With Two Sides



Today, I'll be showing you how to make an elegant poncho. It is two-sided and it can be made by using materials that you already have at home.

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Step 1: Materials and Schematics


  • Needle
  • Thread matching the scarf's colour.
  • Scissor
  • Scarf (preferably wool; you can use an old scarf you have at home)
  • Old sweater to use its sleeves' cuffs

I used the following schematic, wherein the poncho has 2 meters by 0.80 meters.

In A and B you should cut the fabric with 20 cm x 40 cm.

Step 2: Sew Cuffs to Scarf

Cut the cuffs of an old sweater matching the scarf and sew them around the 20 cm in A and B.

Step 3: Finished!

Finished! There really nothing to it. Its a very simple idea on how to reuse an old scarf and sweater that I had at home into something more valuable.

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