Luxury Tortoise's House




Introduction: Luxury Tortoise's House

About: I am an industrial designer, nice to find a place like this to share my stuff ,

This tutorial teach you how to build your own tortoise house.

Material you need:

1) Wood boards

2) Wood screws

3) Spray paint

4) Artificial grass

5) Plastic mesh

6) Acrylic boards (tray)

7) Reptile's lamp

8) 3D printer

Step 1: Blueprint of the House

Begin by plotting out the dimension of the house with sketch, cut out wooden boards as according to

the sketche's dimension, and assemble it with wooden screws.

Step 2: Window (air Vent)

I used 3D printer to build the vent, since the printing area

is limited to a certain size so had to cut the 3D model to 2 pieces and assembled it with

super glue. Spray painted it to white to match the light tone of the wooden house.

Use screws to assemble the vent.

Step 3: Lamp

Cut a half opening hole for the lamp's cable to go through before assemble

the roof. On the roof, fixed two L shape bracket for the lamp's clipclamp to clamp onto.

Step 4: Acrylic Tray

Glued 5 acrylic boards to make it a tray just to use it as the base, this is definitely easier

to clean up turtle's waste than just wood or any other material leaving the house

an easy to clean environment.

Step 5: Artificial Grass

Fake grass comes with a very strong odor, which may be bad for

the turtle, wash and air dry it to ease the smell.

Step 6: Put Everything Together

Starting with plastic mesh, underneath it, put a few layer of newspaper so when

the turtle pee, the newspaper will abort the urine, remove the top layer

newspaper when cleaning it up. This approach makes the cleaning job easier. Next place the artificial grass. And cut an extra acrylic board with the right length to slide through the groove.

Step 7: Adding Extra Stuff

Now the house is almost done, I build a hidden space for the turtle to hide.

This only requires 3 pieces of woods to build.

Next, a flip cover which may not be so neccessary, I built it for the purpose

during the winter time, the cover may add a few extra degree to

the inner space just to keep the turtle warm without sacrificing the air flow. I also put a internet camera just to monitor remotely, and two thermometers with probe for temperature detection.

I added some pebbles since they store lamp heat pretty well and good for tortoise in winter time.

And two lamps,one for day time and one for night.

Step 8: Time to Move Your Pet In

Time to let your pet in and enjoy the house.

Step 9: Playground and Residence

by having a extra groove and a wall to the front container, I will be able to move it anywhere for sun, good for the tortoise to absorb some UV.

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4 Discussions


3 years ago

my turtle only eat raw shrimp and fish, so he need a pool for dinning


6 years ago

what a clever and good-looking little house. It's probably only a matter of time before I adapt it to rabbits.

Dawww happy tortoise! It's a beautiful home, and you are an awesome pet owner. Thanks for sharing!


6 years ago

This is really cool ! You could also make a door so it could come outside and play .