Lyra's Knit Hood

My first knitting project! I learned to knit when I was very young and it bored me very quickly. I only made a small blanket for a Barbie doll. I saw Lyra's Knit Hood from "The Golden Compass" featured at Lion Brand's website and I had to make it. I wanted to teach myself to knit (since I had forgotten) again and I was looking for a good beginner's project. I have never seen the movie "The Golden Compass" but this hood is totally cute!

This was quite an endeavor for me. First I did not understand this knitting needle business with two numbers for sizes. I needed size 19 needles, but I accidentally bought size 35 needles (which are 19mm so that is what threw me off!), and being only one size larger than 19, I wanted to make them work. Secondly, I could not find Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, so I just bought a ball of Wool-Ease thick and quick (color: butterscotch) to substitute for the color Amber. I also used Wool-Ease T&Q: Wheat, instead of Oatmeal. Upon returning home I decided to check to see what yarn substituted for WE Chunky, and I saw that using WE T&Q was not appropriate. Luckily, I had a ball of Jiffy Rust laying around which matched perfectly! So I used those two colors with my size 35 needles and I am VERY satisfied with my result. I had trouble knitting the back of the hood together but I believe I was successful! This is a great project for any beginner knitter!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    that is a cute hat. I can't wait to see the movie and when I do Ill remember that someone on Instructables knitted a hat just like that.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Darn good movie, but the book's better. I own the entire "His Dark Materials" trilogy, those are my three most favorite books in this universe. Watch it, read them, you'll be glad you did.

    i did finally see the movie and it wasnt half bad. im really curious to see what happens next so i will probably check out the books instead of wait for the next movie. when i saw the scenes with her and the knit hood, i was like "haha mine is better!" ;-) i do actually like my color scheme better. hers looked too dull

    Hers is dull because in her world, they are just past their industrial revolution, and she also lives in a century-old college. You really should read the books. The second one (The Subtle Knife) is twice as good as the first, and the third (The Amber Spyglass) is twice as good as the second.
    I'm trying not to spill the beans on what happens, but if you really wanted me to I could tell you. Really, really trying!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    O.k. very good - now knit a matching scarf..... and mitts...... keep going!