Lysol No-Touch Refill Cost Saver

Introduction: Lysol No-Touch Refill Cost Saver

So my wife loves the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser but the refills are breaking the bank...

There's another instructable that talks about removing the cap but I ended up breaking it and had to wait for the next one to run-out to try a new method.  Honestly this took less then 10 minutes and if I didn't take pics it would have been faster.  Some people will say, "man are you really that cheap", and well, I am... I also don't like wasting plastic to support Lysol.

What materials do you need:
1. Empty Lysol Container
2. Dial Hand Soap Refill 32 ouch bottle
3. 1" Nickel Plated Steel Hole Plug (Home Depot $2.56)

1. 7/8" Hole saw or Uni-bit that goes to 7/8"

Note: If you use the Uni-bit I highly recommend a conical carbide bit in a die grinder

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Step 1: Step 1: Drill Your Hole

I'm using 7/8"  hole  based on the measurement of the plug at the sealing collar.  There are 2 methods to drilling the hole: use a 7/8" hole saw or a Uni-bit.  I chose the Uni-bit just because it's easier to center.  

Uni-Bit Method:
 When the plastic container was made they added a mound (or bump) into the top of the container, which makes it very hard to drill in the center of the container. The mound has to be removed before drilling to get the plug in a centered location.
1. Using a conical Carbide bit in a die grinder, grind the mound until it is smooth
2.  Once it's smooth, use your uni-bit to drill though the bottle until there is a 7/8" hole.  Make sure to drill the hole while the bottle is on it's side or you'll get debris in the seal.

Hole Saw Method:
1. Measure and mark the bottle to find the center on both axis
2. Measure and  mark the bottle 7/16" from the center mark (7/16 is half of 7/8")
3.  Drill out the hole and continue the clean-out as per step 2

Step 2: Step 2: Clean It Out and Add Soap

Now that the hole is drilled, it needs to be cleaned-up

1. Stick your pinky finger in the hole and fish-out as much plastic as you can
2. Use a utility knife or just work any remaining plastic off the bottle
3. With the bottle upside down, use a hose to flush-out the remaining plastic debris
4. Inspect the water to make sure the bottle is clean
5.  Once clean, fill it up with your brand of hand soap
6.  Install back in the No-Touch machine and cycle a couple of time and you're done

I've included a cost table if you need to justify this to your significant other.

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    A far easier way of doing this is to melt a hole in the upper end of the bottle (when it's in the dispenser) with a small round electric soldering iron to suit the bung to be used and a suitable small plastic funnel. No need to pry the top off of the bottle nor to remove any detritus caused by drilling.

    your calculations are wrong. There are 32 oz's in 1 quart and 4 quarts in a gallon so there are 32x4=128 oz in a gallon thus only 12.88 cents per oz buying the dial soap by the gallon. $169.49/128=$0.1288

    Oso Blanco
    Oso Blanco

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed you are correct. I will update when available.