M and M Snack Mix Recipe

Introduction: M and M Snack Mix Recipe

M and M Recipe Ingredients

    1 12 ounce Package of M and M Chocolate Candies: We are using red and white for Valentine’s Day. You can use any color, change it up for each holiday!
    2 Cups Mini Pretzels or Pretzel Sticks
    1 Bag Microwave Homestyle Popcorn ( low or no butter)
    1 Cup Peanuts
    24 ounces white chocolate or white chocolate candy coating.

M and M Recipe Directions

    Mix together the M and M candies with all ingredients except the white chocolate candy coating.
    Melt the white chocolate over low heat until completely melted, stirring constantly.  Do not over cook.  You can melt the chocolate in the microwave too but be sure to just put it in for 20 – 30 seconds at a time so you don’t over cook it.  I used a double boiler to make sure it would not burn. Cook it until all the chocolate is completely melted.
    Pour the white chocolate over the snack mix popcorn mixture.
    Toss with a large spoon or ladle until the mixture is completely coated in white chocolate.
    Lay the mix loosely on a cookie sheet, parchment paper, or a silicon liner.
    Allow the mix to cool.
    Break the mix apart into small bite sized pieces.
    Get out a bowl and fill it to the top with M and M White Chocolate Snack

Mix and enjoy.

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