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Introduction: M1 Carbine

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Well,I've been working on this for a while and decided that it was ready to be posted =) It shoots grey connectors and averages 40 ft. If I ever find a way to change the trigger mech that will be the first thing that I update in this as it isn't exactly sturdy. On my m1 carbine I put type one sights(Google it) and has an area for my standard red dot sight just for fun =P The reason there are no orange connectors on the bottom of the barrel is because it will reduce range and make it look unrealistic. Please comment below and leave some ideas for improvements =)

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    Please post instructions! I LOVE the M1 Carbine, and would really like to make this model.

    is there a chance of gating a picture of the trigger mechanism???

    I made this a while ago and showed it to my classmates and my history teacher, they liked it alot!

    oh yeh with mine you can remove the trigger set by pushing out the broken blue rods

    Well, you simply put pieces together =P I plan on making instructions at some point in time but I'm really really busy =/