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Introduction: M4 Carbine

I built nightfox939's M4 and it turned out pretty good. I think I know why he didn't post the instructions, because it would be a big pain in the a**.....But if you study the pictures like i did you should able to build this gun. Also if it may help i used the trigger system off of the instructable called knex gun with new trigger & sear.



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    This is probably the best gun on the whole of Instrucatbles, I know it isn't yours. It has a decent sear system (so I hear) a good range, an awesome bottom loading mag, and it could not look any more like an M4.

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    yes it would... the stock is m16 m4 stock dosent look like that, its got a lever that makes the stock for ur arm

    thats y the m16a5 only has that sock and so their foor this looks like an m16, add a forgrip and then it will be a m4

    no your wrong... firstly this gun already has a forefrip. secondly the m16 and the m4 are the same gun, the m16 just has a longer barrel, and both guns have a crane stocks or a full stock. its all about personal preference.

    Your right what your saying iKill but the M16 and M4 are the same with the longer barrel bla bla bla BUT the M16 AND M4 HAVE DIFFERENT FIRING RATE !!!

    They're the same gun, except M4's have shorter barrles. My AK-74 has an 'M4' stock on it, want to correct me some more?

    this is so awesome i made the moretti sniper but this looks probably even better

    Might want to see if you can move the charging handle forward, but other than that it is pretty good.