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About: ello!!!i love to draw.ii usually work with pencil and paint. i am very active. what am i :P jk.

not my best but here it is.hope u like it(:



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    sometimes it can be hard to tell....and yes i do ,i go hunting,paintball,airsoft aka,im still studying for my license there is like 100 Qs(questions)and you have to get 80 right anyway i haven't been on alot cus im on runescape too

    Oh. Cool! I love hunting! I've been thinking when I turn 21 I plan to go to Alaska to hunt and have a vacation there with my dad who is a experienced hunter and had hunted ever since he was 9.

    Well, I'm sorry. I'm not yet old enough to hold a firearm unless I am commiting self defense. Then I can pick up a gun and shoot something, I live in a canyon so if I shot a gun I would have to deal with the cops. So I use something silent. No, not a silenced pistol or a silenced whatever. I make my own bows to shoot at things. I am making an instructable on my new bow design (which is a simple design). I can't finish it at the time becuase my mom hid it from me becuase she places everything somewhere where no one can find it. >:( I find dog toys under the pantry. I recently found my DVD Men in Black 2 in her room under the bed. >:( I don't know why she does that, but that's what I use. I haven't killed anything yet becuase I had a muontain lion in the canyon and there is one female deer, but no males. And eveyday you have a very very slim chance of seeing the deer.

    nfk11lil larry

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    im 11 and i get to use an M1 garand on pigs.but i never got to use it.....


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    well now that you said it on a popular website people probrably have a slim chance of believing you but just some advice