M4A1 Assault Rifle

About: I love buildin knex weapons and trucks

Hello there, this is my new M4A1 Assault Rifle it's a good looking gun that has a retractable stock with three slots, very comfortable handle, true fake trigger, nice iron sights, and nice fake barrel with rail system. I hope you guys like this and stay in tone for more guns in the future

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    3 years ago

    this isnt a instructable if you post instructions for your things I might actually like and buold

    Well, to be honest, I'd rather see our troops armed with something more... modern. Either the ACR or the ARX-160 would, in my humble, only slightly informed, opinion, be more benificial.

    We are in agreement then! The M4 is great, one of the most popular rifles ever (taking third place... the FN FAL is first, the AK-47 is second, the M4 / AR-15 takes third), but it is kinda outdated...