M81 K'nex Assault Pistol




Introduction: M81 K'nex Assault Pistol

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This is my first knex gun. Its a true trigger, 40 feet pistol

Step 1: Barrel

Follow the pictures

Step 2: Handle

Pretty Basic
Follow the pictures

Step 3: Trigger System

Follow the pictures

Step 4: Ram and Firing

Pull back the pin past the trigger, and push up the trigger.
That locks it, then pull down the trigger



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    Assault weapon: A firearm that has the ability to fire 2 shots without reloading. (Has a capacity of at least 2)

    Rods and connector. A dark grey connector with a green rod on the end.

    Pretty damn good for a first gun! Could do with a bit more support on the handle though. Accurate, quite powerful, good job!

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