MABO - Monitoring System of Children in School (Intel IoT)

Most of parents care about their child’s school safety, so we propose an idea to solve this problem. We invent two devices in this project. One is the smart name tag for children. We change the original style of name tag then design some pattern for children. And put some sensors in it. The sensors will detect children's status then upload to internet.

Also, we make a sculpted lamp to display children's information. These device not only monitor children status but also can be a decoration at home. Sculpted lamp can be placed at home or parents' office. Parents can knows their children's information by take a look at sculpted lamp. Or they can check these information on website too.

Step 1: Prepare Your Micro Controller and Senors

We develop this project with Intel Edison arduino kit. and we used the groove IOT kit . Each device includes a Intel Edison arduino kit.

The sensors we use in smart name tag are button, temperature and humidity sensor, LED, Buzzer, light sensor, 3axis-digital-accelerometer sensor ,GPS.

The sensors we use in sculpted lamp are LCD display, RGB LED, mini Servo. The avatar on sculpted lamp was made through 3D printer.

p.s. mini servo is not in the groove IOT kit.

Step 2: You Need to Code Something

There are four status of children was displayed in LCD of sculpted lamp. Four status are "sleeping", "studying", "exercising", "dangerous".

We use Nodejs to develop this project. we have to transfer some data detected by sensors to children's status. If data detected by 3axis-digital-accelerometer is changing continuously more than 3 seconds, The status will change to "exercising". When status is "exercising", the avatar on the sculpted lamp will go up and down by mini servo.

If children don't exercise now and the light is bright enough(which data was detected by light sensor). The status will change to "studying". The avatar's head will blink smoothly.

And if the light was not bright enough. The status will change to "sleeping". The avatar's head will be dark.

There is a button on smart name tag. If children was in danger, they can hold on the button more than few seconds. The status will change to "dangerous" and sculpted lamp will flash red light and buzz continuously to warn parents.

Sculpted lamp lights different color depending on children's body temperature. Red light means high temperature. Green light means normal temperature. Blue light means low temperature.

According to the GPS, we can know the child’s route from home to school. If the child is absent from course, smart name tag will emit danger event. And if child is out of school during class. Smart name tag will emit danger event too.

Smart name tag will uploads data detected by sensors to cloud. And these data will be integrated into charts on cloud. Parents can know their children's detailed status on website. We use chart.js plugin to build chart on website.



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    10 months ago

    Nice idea! I'll try to export It to an Arduino. Need to check everyone's whereabouts to be sure where they are.Thanks!


    1 year ago

    hi, where can i get it's full construction detail(circuit components, coding etc)?