This instructable is for how to make a very practical yet helpful key ring combined with a portable charger.

This product has been designed thinking of a target audience causa most people have keys and have smartphones. We all have been on the inconvenient situation that our keys are lost or maybe we can't remember where we put them. That's why we decided to made the instructable with a key ring. With the arrival of the smartphones, the way we use the cellphones has changed radically; we use the cellphone almost every time. We all have been on the situation that we need to send a messages or maybe we need to make a fast call but our battery is about to end. That's why we decided to made it with a portable charger. The materials we used are: A TP 4056 charger module A type b micro USB cable (type male) A 3,7 volts lithium battery A piece of Aluminum (4cmx7cm)

Step 1:

First you have to weld the positive and negative of the TP 4056 to the positive and negative of the battery, respectively. Then weld the positive and negative of the TP 4056 to the positive and negative respectively of the micro USB cable.

Step 2:

Now you'll have the TP4056, the battery and the USB cable welded.

Step 3:

After of that we take the measurements of the key ring.

Step 4:

Then we draw the shape of the key ring in a piece of aluminum

Step 5:

You have to cut the drawing.

Step 6:

Now you'll have to define the shape and stick it with cilicone and super glue.

Step 7:

Now that we have the both parts of the structure of the key ring, we'll have to join the both parts with a screw. The screw is where the keys goes

Step 8:

Enjoy! That's all. Now you can have your keys right at your fingertips and have some energy if you need to charge your cellphone.



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    8 months ago

    Awesome. I can definitely see MacGyver carrying something like this.