MAD MEN Painting - No Skills Required




Introduction: MAD MEN Painting - No Skills Required

Heres an easy way to make a sick MAD MEN© paining for under 100 bones. Before we get started, I don't own anything related to MAD MEN©, AMC does. All rights reserved

Here's what ya need:

1. Projector
2. Laptop
3. Canvas - any size
4. Acrylic paints: Black, White, and a little Red
5. Brushes: Both Foam and regular
6. Water cup: don't allow brushes to dry out 

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Step 1:

Get a projector and set it up at a solid height. Once its set and level don't touch it or move it or else you will have to start over (like I did). hook up you laptop, and show the included picture 

Step 2:

Hang your canvas, place down news paper, protect walls with tape, and align you projector with the slate. Begin to lightly trace out everything. Periodically step in from of your projector to see your work progress

Step 3:

Paint base - Mix black and white to get grey. Match the paint next to your projection then turn off the projector. Leaving it on will cover up uneven patches as you go. Apply with a large foam brush. Try to make it lighter in the center by adding white. Once your grey background is finished turn the projector back in and add the black with large bristle brush. Do the edges first with a fine bristle brush then fill in. Follow with white, then red. Turn off the projector to over mistakes with grey. The fingers will drive you crazy. Finish off with a few light grey highlights with a small foam brush.

Step 4:

You're done. Show it off to your friends who will then ask you what MAD MEN is. 

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    That painting looks great!
    "...friends who will then ask you what MAD MEN is"  happened to me like a thousand times  ;D


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    rimar2000, is a TV show, you can find more information on this link: