Introduction: MAGICIANS Robot

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Have you ever thought of a robot which will move only when place your handkerchief over it like a magician?

Its very simple. We can create darkness over it to drive the robot. The working of the robot is very simple when its dark, the robot will start moving and when you turn on the light it stops

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Step 1: Step 1 - Your Amazing Innovations Box, WitBlox and the Model Robot Is All That You Would Need for This Project. Take Out the Battery, Power, Motor Drivers, Wheels and Dark Blocks

Your amazing innovations box, WitBlox and the model robot is all that you would need for this project. Take out the battery, power, motor drivers, wheels and dark blocks

Here we use power block as the source of energy along with battery, Dark sensor as Input and Driver with Motors as output.

Step 2: Step 2-

The dark sensor contains LDR whose resistance increases whenever there is darkness over it. Hence, when there is darkness, the input block goes high and the drivers & motors also start moving.

You can also connect the Invert block from WitBlox Mega kit after the dark and make the robot a Light sensing Robot. Head over to our YouTube channel to get the detailed step-by-step instructions for the project.

Step 3: Its Done

Its time to amaze your friends with your new Magicians robot. Try modifying it, rearranging the blocks and let me know what you have built.

Don't have WitBlox Kit. You can get it here

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