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 Always i wonted a PCB holder helping me with soldering and also keep safe all the components... I found one in internet but was expensive (about 45USD) and the company didn't ship to Europe. So I had to build it by my self in easy way and cheap!!!. I had some designs on my mind like two stick of plastic holding the PCB and one adjusting screw to adjust the size of any PCB. After seeking the internet i found different types like in figures. The green one is the expensive like 68USD and other is cheaper (the price i said) I liked the green one so i made some notes....

Looking my notes then i decided to build this stuff but I didn't had enough material like in pic so I did a modification which follows in 2 notes (in English)

Step 1: Variations on One Project

 Variation N#1.
Since I don't have the ideal double layer brackets I decided to use any kind of plastic that be strong enough to hold any size PCB. I found one and I hoped to find and second one...Then my notes became like in pic1.  The general idea is that I have a long supportive piece and on it two equal bracket tighten the PCB. Simple. So must be like the pic 2. But we always some but. First of all I had only one bracket long enough like 30cm  but only one. This bracket was from and old Epson computer from decades ago (since 1993) and it uses this bracket to switch on the computer with the PSU. The external button was connected with this plastic piece and ended at the PSU switch...Is very strong and hard to brake. So
Variation N#2.
Since I had only one bracket I decided to cut it . This bracket after 3 cm was bended in an angle of about 10degrees. I cut the first 12cm and I kept the other 18cm. The second part wasn't bended so with a lighter I bended exactly like the smaller one....
Now keeping the general idea of notes (pic2-3) I continue to work....Follow me.

Step 2: How We Do It...

one metallic piece strong enough about 30 cm
one plastic piece not so strong for guide 30 cm
two brackets 20 cm each (unless you have only one like I do )
A dremmel tool and one drill (#3), one cutter for plastics, safety glasses
Some screws ( I used 2 for the one bracket and 3 on the other. 
a screwdriver, sandpaper,  some music and coffee 

The long metallic piece and the plastic one (these 30cm ) are from an old typewriting machine. This is fine because the metallic part has also a ruler on it!!!.

After the cut I cleared the internal dividers with the dremel and also with a sandpaper I smoother the cuts.
Now its time to tight enough the smaller bracket because it will be unmovable. With the Dremmel tool and the drill I open the appropriate holes to pass the parts.

Step 3: Tightening the Smaller Bracket and Continuing the Job

 After the first bracket (the short one) I drilled the longer one and I passed from the metallic piece and the other supportive one. It's ready, so lets testing it... 
The smooth bend we have is fine because keeps the PCB away from any contact but be more safe I put some rubber feet in any bracket. 2 for the big one and one at the end of the short one. 

Finally is real good. With some time and work and spare parts now I have a descent PCB holder to helping in my job.
Thanks for watching this and please do any comment. 



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    Μπράβο σου φίλε μου η βάση αυτή είναι πραγματικά χρήσιμη

    magic eye

    6 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, love the handwriting instructions. instead Panavox wich is really expesive!
    How is Greece with Financial Bankrapty?

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    agis68magic eye

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    thanx! Panavox is the best tool but both regular and Jr are expensive. Greece is like a broken ship that sinks hour by hour....I don't see any recovery so soon or later is going to for me i will "escape" to Canada where i had my life for 12 years before coming back to Greece!


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    thanks, now i am working on a an improvment ot the innitial project, with 360 degrees rotation


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, now, why i didnt think about this, been using alligator clips for holding my pcb projects, they always slip out of the clasp.

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    8 years ago on Introduction


    I broke my helping hands and I'm sick of chasing my boards around the desk when I'm soldering...

    Looks like I'm off to the hardware store tomorrow morning.

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