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Introduction: Make Perfectly Straight Holes

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this is a quick instructable

with great results.

Drilling nicely straight holes

Using something tubular ie copper pipe , etc

But try and make sure the rim of the pipe is 3mm roughly

And that the pipe will fit the jaw,s of your drill

Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need

1)a drill

2)pipe cutter or a piece of pipe about 2-3 inches long.


4)clamp or tape

and that,s it

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

with your pipe and cutter.

at about 3 inches or so down the length cut your pipe.

using the pipe cutter

Step 3: Adding the Pipe to Your Drill

the pic with just the tube is what you should be left with

now place the pipe or tube into your drill

Step 4: Sanding

using quite a coarse bit of sandpaper

tape it or clamp it down.

then with your drill at a 40-45 degree angle.

bevel the edge of the pipe using the sandpaper & drill,

while your holding the trigger down slowly move the drill left to right ,because you dont want to be going through the sandpaper.

once you have a nice bevel.

its onto the next step

Step 5: Drill Away

grab a scrap piece of wood.

and start drilling away.

if the tube skates all over the wood.

go back to the sandpaper and change the angle slightly ,

down and up movements with the drill will get you there.

Step 6: Finish

and there you have a nice straight hole.

thanks for looking,

and remember .







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    9 months ago

    For ease of readability you might want to check the caps lock.

    Perhaps a more detailed intro would be nice. I'm still not totally sure what the goal is.