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This is quite a simple instructable, only takes a few minutes, not much work and can be very handy for....lots of stuff:) Wicks can be used for candles obviously, so you can see when there's no lights even if you don't have the candle wax to stick it in, (and if you do), very small and portable, which would be handy to take into the wilderness in case of emergency, makes lighting things fun, and - i don't strongly recommend doing this too often but if you ever need to light a bomb they do come in handy. Enjoy, I hope you find it useful and please vote if you like it!!!!!!

Step 1: Stuff to Get

Shouldn't cost anything, just get scissors, string, baking paper, matches, a bowl - i trust you already have a microwave:) - and the thing you might have a weeny bit more trouble with is wax. For this i used a whole lot of old crayons, the same colour, but there are plenty of other places to get it from:

-wax cheese coatings

-bottles with waxed lids


-an old used candle jar (or unused but that's not too logical:) )

-probably lots of other places!!!:)

Step 2: How to Make It

  1. get the wax, put it in a bowl then in the microwave until it's liquidised. The melting took me a total of about 10 mins on 30%, on and off in 1 and 2 minute patches, because i could only guess how long it would take.
  2. While the wax is melting, take the string and cut it up into about 10-12cm (4/4.5 inch) lengths. Make as many as you like. How long is a piece of string?:)
  3. spread out a piece of baking paper, and once the wax is melted, take the pieces of string, and one by one dip them in and coat them in the wax, putting them on the baking paper to dry. They should dry quite fast.
  4. Tip: you may have to put the wax back in the microwave a bit, to make sure it stays liquid while you are dipping the string in it, otherwise it gets pretty tricky.
  5. One they are dry, they are ready for use!!! just hold a match to them till they catch on, and use it for whatever you please!!!:) :) (the video i attached shows the lighting of it-pretty simple:) )

Step 3:

Thanks heaps for reading my instructable, hope it's inspiring!!!:) :)

and don't forget to vote if you think it deserves it!!!:)



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Average speed... good enough to be used for a range of things, candles to bomb wicks...::)


    2 years ago

    does this burn very fast or not


    2 years ago

    Haha yeah your right thanks I did mean that... it would be a bit tricky to cut the wax into 10 cm bits!:) thanks!:)


    2 years ago

    Thanks for this instructable! I found a little typo in Step 2, Number 2: I think you meant to say, "take the STRING and cut it up...." Yes? This reminds me of those olden days when people lived only with candles. They had wicks they used to light the candle, the fire, etc., and then stored for next use. Cool!