Introduction: MAKE a PET

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I don't think much of pets that poop around the yard and claw furniture.

So I make my own, out of re-purposed broken items.

I use:

Broken Shovels

Broken Rakes

Broken Hoes

I think you get the idea........

A soap stone pencil, (available from welding supply shop)

Dremmel (I prefer the right angle gear deally)

Fibre reinforced cut-off wheels.

Propane torch

Step 1:

After drawing the face, I cut it out with the cutt-off blade in the Dremmel. Using the plug-in version gives more power, and the cutt-off wheels with the little Batman quickchange center give a very nice narrow cut. Be sure to wear eye protection because the wheel does throw sparks that are bits of burning steel, and if the wheel catches wrong may explode into flying bits of carborundum!!


Shovels of any quality are made of hardened steel, and if you try to bend them they will just break. The teeth of the lower jaw on this pet simply fit between the upper teeth, (look at a close up photo of Crocodile teeth), then the lower jaw was bent away from the upper jaw by bending it down. To prevent it from breaking off, (which I found out when tilting the eye for effect, one end of one eye broke away), heat with a propane torch till it bends gently. I found that since the two mandible join points were so far apart, I had to heat one and bend down a little, then heat the other to catch up, but the first was cooling as that happened, so then do the first join again, and back and forth, I did find that a couple of the fangs had to be bent out of the way, because the shovel being curved caused the teeth to interfere with the movement of bending the jaw open.

Do not over feed him and his digestion will remain just fine.

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