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I made it at Techshop :)
One of my clients need a sign in the front door
I offer to do it

Step 1: TECHSHOP Have Everything You Need

You can built your dream here

Step 2: I Download My Client Logo From Her Web Site

Step 3: And Work on It on Corel

Step 4: Then I Cut the Sign (see All Detail About the Technic in My Other "Instructable" )

Step 5: When I Was Ready to Install I Discovery the Vinyl Sign Was Bigger Than the Gap for Installation (:

well, for do not lost the job I install in another window in front of the building, more visible but not the right place yet
(Tanja in the support actressl for my vinyl cutting this time)
Now I will cut the sign again (Because I already have the file
but now with the right size for the front door, see this Instructables soon :)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Gregory, here at 3rd world we envy some things of USA (not all!). One of these is TechShop, at least it is my case.

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