About: I recently immigrated to Germany. I am living in my first flat with my boyfriend and our cat Napoléon. My hands are always covered in paint and dye.

This project was inspired by my granddads storage system in his workshop. I added a little style to it and voila ! It looks pretty good in my kitchen.

This Spice Rack is easy to make and personalize to your needs. You don't need to use mason jars, recycled containers with screwable tops would do. It doesn't have to be used for spices either. My Granddad used it for his screws and nails, you can use it for craft supplies, dyes, soaps, pet food and treats, etc.

Also see my Mason Security Jar, it fits with this set.

You will need:

- Mason Jars

- Shelf Holders

- Shelf

- Screws

- Drill

- Spray Paint

- Tape

- Clear Film

- Ruler

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Here you decide what design you want for you rack. Leave them clear if you want, but if you do decide to paint it I recommend leaving a strip or a space transparent so you can see what's inside without opening them.

To get the half painted look:

- Measure & Mark each Mason Jar

- Fallowing your markings tape the Mason jar and covert all surfaces you don't want painted with clear film. To avoid paint getting inside the jar, make sure to cover the hole. I stuck a piece of tape on the inside rim and a plastic bag in the middle, worked like a charm!

- Spray Paint thin layers. Many thins layers look a lot better then a few thick ones. Let dry in between layers.

- Let dry entirely then remove tape and clear film. Do this slowly not to rip of the paint.


- Fix your shelf holders to the shelf

- Using two screws, fix each lid to the bottom of the shelf. You can measure to make sure they're all perfectly lined up or you can just put them wherever you want. Just make sure there is enough space between to be able to open the containers.

- When you're satisfied with the result, hang shelf on the wall.


Fill up the Jars with all your favorite spices and make some amazing dishes.

The UNDER THE SHELF STORAGE can be used for so many different things. Under your sewing table for buttons, needles, strings, etc.

If you're not planning on putting small, powdery or liquid things in, they jars can also be fixed side ways to a wall. This is pretty handy for crayons or markers over a desk.

Hope you enjoyed my project ! It's also a nice little reminder of my granddad I lived with for 2 years. He was a pretty ingenious man!

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Amazing work...

    Thank you for this wonderful instructable. I look forward to creating this for use in my new home.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I wonder if you could paint it with either chalkboard paint or dry eraser paint so you can re use the jar for different herbs and spices. That or label them so that they are well organized. Thank you for making this instructable, my Great grandfather use to make things like this to put loose screws or bolts in his workshop. Love it!


    4 years ago

    I believe you mean your hands are 'covered in paint and DYE', not 'die'. Big difference.