M.A.T.V. (Mini All Terrain Vehicle)




Introduction: M.A.T.V. (Mini All Terrain Vehicle)

I built this a while back and i got bored so i decided to post it.
Oh and don't be harsh this is just something i made.
Sorry about the picture quality i used the camera on my computer.

Step 1: Peices

1 motor
1 gray/blue/orange
10 straight conectors
10 white/grey rods
2 tan connectors
2 long grey connectors
2 gray spacers

Step 2: The Axle

Do i need to explain this? No i don't you can figure this out for yourself.

Step 3: Step 3

Add orange

Step 4: White Rods

Add one more orange connector to each side then add a white rod to each one.

Step 5: Wheels

just follow the pics

Step 6: Finished



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    24 Discussions

    srry man i dont have a youtube acc and dont plan on makin one and thanks for the compliment

    ok ill ry when i get home what do you think i should make it go over?

    well its ok but how dose it work i dont get it where should i use it

    1 reply

    where ever you want its just a fun little thing when for your bored

    have you ever heard of if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all if not you should learn it

    yeh your right  man if he cant say anything nice well dont say anything

    If you can build something from the first picture I don't think it's worth posting