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About: IM ON YOUTUBE LOOK UP MAVREV13 and youll find me Im emo goth, mods nerf guns, listens to music and writes music, im into demonology and.some other cool stuff

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    hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
    go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

    mavrev13 y r u such a fail and a nerd

    @billbenj just get a life and stop being a loser and i bet ur 45 and still live with your family

    See, you got your opinion....mixed up and thought it was a fact.....well I KNOW you have NO clue who I really am, next time.....dont think.....just KNOW what you say and how it can backfire.....i hope I dont make you cry...if so please record it and send it to me.......i need a laugh or 2..i also know that im not nice and fail.... how can I fail something is nothing for me to pass I'm sorry but you dont you make no sense mister duck..... you can yell at me but you did say I fail

    your opinion is your opinion and I respect that you're a doll mindedness only makes you think opinion although I have my facts I know who I am you know who you are although I'm not gonna make stupid opinions about someone calling me what im not and im not going to stoop to your low level and honestly I don't think I'm cool, your trying to seem popular but your attempts at turning your opinions into facts is making your iq seem lower than what is it..... I'm not questioning your reading skill but maybe if you read that I'm not on here much but instead I'm on youtube more then you wouldn't seem to have a lower iq

    acculy they are cheep cheep, easy easy to make but work with my 44. REV-6 soo well just take a dart tage dart cut a little more than halfe way and cut the velcro tip off and done i use em with my Maverick and it is accurate over 25 ft and hits 40 flat and im not putting the gun that high off the ground so it works well for mine.