MAX7219 Arduino Clock



Arduino Pro Mini

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Step 1: Components

  • Arduino Pro Mini,
  • RTC 3232,
  • DS18B20 encapsulated temperature sensor,
  • four 8x8 LED matrix (7219).
  • 4.7K resistor

Step 2: Project

The arduino sketch is adapted after a very nice project i found here.

I wanted something easier and i just took the basic mode and i added the temperature reading.

The project was started with an DS1307 RTC module. I changed it later into an DS3232RTC module.That is why you will find some libraries I used with DS1307.


Power supply can be from 5 to 12V on RAW pin.

You can use 5V on pin VIN.

Don't forget the 4.7K resistor between data pin and power supply pin of the temperature sensor.

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