MC Bathroom Furniture #2

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In this instructable I I'll show you how to make a bath in minecraft.

Step 1: Side

Place 3 quartz stairs next to each other.

Step 2: Front

Place 2 quartz stairs next to each other 1 block forward from the previous stairs

Step 3: Other Side

Place another 3 quartz stairs in line with the other ones.

Step 4: Back

Place another 2 quartz stairs 1 block forward from the sides.

Step 5: Corners

Fill in the corners (previously left) so that the stairs all link together.

Step 6: Floor

Dig out the floor and replace with quartz blocks so that it is 1 block deep.

Step 7: Water

Fill the tub in with water and then you have a bath.

Please comment if there is anything you want me to make.



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