MCPE 0.16.0 Tips and Tricks

Introduction: MCPE 0.16.0 Tips and Tricks

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I know if you used iOS you waited for a long time for the new 0.16.0 update to come out, so sorry if this is a bit late. Let's start with the basics!

Step 1: New Blocks

There are many new updates, but the new blocks are amazing. You'll see the beacon, sea lantern, prismarine items, and then spawn guardian and elder guardian eggs. (These are not really blocks, but you get the idea). We'll show you how to use the beacons in the next step.

Step 2: How to Create a Beacon

This is simple. Follow the picture below in either diamond blocks, emerald, iron, or gold. There are many more layouts for a beacon, but I chose this one. You can also go inside the beacon for speed and other abilities. Just tap it. Get ready, because this next step will blow your mind! (Literally)

Step 3: Summon the Deadly WITHER

This works in PC too, and it's another... actually the first BOSS. So this is how you summon it: make sort of a stick man out of soul sand, and get three wither skulls. Place them on top on all three top blocks and.... BAM!! A wither has spawned and you're ready to fight it for a nether star, which makes a beacon. It will destroy all other mobs.

Step 4: Addons

Ever heard of addons? They're like mods, only better! Look 'en up on the internet and you can install mcworld packs!

Step 5: Commands

There are commands! Go into your chat and go /help and all the commands will pop up on that page. Want more? Type /help 2, 3, etc. There's lots out there! PLEASE GIVE A LIKE AND COMMENT BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK!

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