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Ok so first of this isn't a sub special. But, thanks so much for the subs anyways. But I'm willing to bet most of you didn't come here to hear me thank you. You came here because you want to make the kickbutt pickup truck in the picture! So on with the Instructable. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Base

Make a 10 X 4 area of elevated stone slabs.

Step 2: More Blocks

Add stone brick blocks like in the picture, however note that the side with 3 blocks will be the front.

Step 3: Stairs

Add stairs towards the front side, facing outwards. Make sure the one closest to the front has one side facing towers the front.

Step 4: More Stairs

Add stairs facing inward everywhere else along the walls.

Step 5: Front

Add blocks between the stairs on the front side.

Step 6: The Pickup Part

Add slabs in between all the other stairs.

Step 7: Sitting Area Part 1

You should now have a small light gray area. Add stairs facing towards the back, on the front.

Step 8: Sitting Area Part 2

Now add stairs diagonally to the other ones facing inside.

Step 9: Destruction

Destroy the slabs and stairs right behind the sitting area.

Step 10: Back Part

Now remember that gap we made last step? If you don't, contact a doctor, you've got short term memory loss. Otherwise continue. Place stairs facing the back of the truck, in the gap.

Step 11: Pillar

In the sitting area there should only be one full block directly next to it. Place another block on top of that.

Step 12: Windshield

Add glass around in a c position like in the picture.

Step 13: Carpet

Add light gray carpet on the blocks and glass like in the picture.

Step 14: Glass Insides

Ever see somebody with glass organs? I hope not. Put glass blocks on the inside so that you can put the carpet on top.

Step 15: More Carpet

Put the carpet on top.

Step 16: Signs

Add signs on the front and back like the picture.

Step 17: Bumper

Add iron bars to form a bumper.

Step 18: Wheels

Finally, add wheels in the position in the picture. Congrats, you're done with the pickup truck! Go drive around, but be safe and don't get drunk!

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