MCPE Cars: the Tow Truck

Introduction: MCPE Cars: the Tow Truck

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In this instructable I'll show you guys how to make a Minecraft tow truck. The instructable is divided into two parts : the back and the front. Huge thanks to craftclarity for the awesome idea! Enjoy and don't forget to vote for it!

Step 1: The Base

To make the base of the first half place two pairs of wheels(black wool). Each pair is individually one block away from each other. The pairs themselves are two blocks away from each other. If you don't understand what I'm saying look at the picture. Then place half slabs of quartz on the higher level, in between the wheels. Again it's not that complicated it just sounds that way. "Use the pictures Luke!" Finally just add a 3X2X1 set of quartz blocks on whichever side you want to be the back.

Step 2: Almost a Truck

It looks like it's almost a truck at the end of this step! First place 3 blocks up against that back we built last step. Then place one block against that right in the middle. You should now have a small T. Next add two stone slabs up against the bottom of the T. Place stairs on the side facing the front. Then again on the sides place stairs facing outwards. Does it almost look like a truck yet?

Step 3: The Finish of Part One

To finish it off add quartz slabs on top of the stone ones. Then add three glass blocks behind the slabs to create a windshield of sorts. Finally top it off with some more quartz slabs and add a trapdoor in front of the stone slabs. There you have. Part one is done!

Step 4: Starting Part Two

To build the base for the tow bit just add 2 pairs of wheels, three blocks away from each other. Then fill up all the empty space in between and one block behind them with stone brick slabs.

Step 5: The Slide

To add the first bit of the back just build two blocks up with stone bricks. Then build one and a half blocks up, then one, etc. when you get to the end there should be two spaces left. Just cover the first one up with another slab.

Step 6: The Tow Helper

The point of this wood thing is just to help you build with the slabs, they can be tricky. Ok so first put two blocks of any kind in the middle of the slides. Then put two more on top of that, but slightly towards the back. Then put two more behind that, except this time make them vertical. Finally put three more behind that, this time horizontal again.

Step 7: The Tow

To finish up the back just replace those three blocks we just placed with brick slabs. Then get rid of that block behind them and replace the two below it. Do the same once more. Finally to add support put two stairs underneath.

Step 8: The in Between

To add that little part in between just place down three stone slabs, level with the other ones. Then, using the stone slabs, build up two blocks in the middle. Finally, build up three blocks on either side with stone walls. I hope you enjoyed the instructable and don't forget to vote if you liked it.

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    5 years ago

    Wow u really like making cars in minecraft


    6 years ago on Introduction

    When I lived in Seattle, there was a company that had built a Toe Truck. I wonder if you could make one of those?