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In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make a helicopter in MCPE. It's a good model for an adventure map (in PC) or just to show off your Minecraft skills.

Step 1: Chose the World

Step 2: Get Materials

All that is in my inventory is what you need. You can use any block that has a block form, a slab form, and a stair form instead of cobblestone, or use cobblestone. Also, you will need glowstone.

Step 3: Build a Tower 1 Block Up, 5 Blocks Tall, and Cover the Front With Ladders

Step 4: Surround the Top With Slabs As Shown

Step 5: Go Back 2 Slabs and Forward 3 Slabs

Step 6: Surround Slabs With Stairs As Shown

Step 7: Place Blocks As Shown

Step 8: Place Stairs Around Edge and Slabs Inside Them

Step 9: Place Columns 2 and 3 Blocks Tall and Surround Bottom With Stairs

Step 10: Place Nether Reactor Cores on the Tops and Surround Them With Stairs As Shown

Step 11: Place Slabs on Stairs 2 Out

Step 12: Make the L Shape As Shown

Step 13: Make a + With Nether Cores

Step 14: Place Stair 1 Block From Front on Inside

Step 15: Place Upside Down Stairs Under the Body As Shown

Step 16: Place Front Facing Stairs on the Upside Down Ones

Step 17: Place Cobblestone Under All Stairs

Step 18: Place Slabs Connecting to the Cobblestone As Shown

Step 19: Make This Shape With Cobblestone at the Front

Step 20: Place Glowstone on Front

Step 21: Your Done!

The pictures show the helicopter from different angles (That's my sister in the last one :D)



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    2 years ago

    what can i use instead of the netherreaactorcore? (sad that minecraft removed the netherreacrorcorebuilding)

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    No, but I do play Clash of Clans, DragonVale, Pocket Frogs, Tiny Death Star, and Jurassic Park Builder