MCPE - My Server.

Introduction: MCPE - My Server.

This was only to share my server so just take the IP and Port and read the Description and be sure to read the rules too!

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Step 1: IP and Port

I will not be covering how to join a server on MCPE so find another instuctable to help you out! Be sure to do BOTH servers because I will change the IP soon! Normal:;61380 Changed:;61380

Step 2: Description

Welcome to WIZARDCRAFT!! Here you can build and play with friends. And also the sad thing is only 5 players at a time :(.. but soon I will make it 10 players at a time if you really like it! Give the IP to your friends and family and enjoy the world of WIZARDCRAFT!! We hope you enjoy you stay at the amazing world of WIZARDCRAFT!!

Step 3: Rules!

There are lots of rules: 1: No Trolling 2: Have fun 3: Don't report WizardPlaysPE because that is me 4: Hacking is not allowed 5: If I ban you with your username, don't change your username 6: Be loyal to be co-owner 7: Subscribe to Wizard Plays on YouTube (you don't have to but please do it) and that's it!

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